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Come See Us at Artist Markets & Conventions!



April 20th       East Atlanta Village Art Market (12-5pm)

April 21st       Bizarre Bazaar at Trackside Tavern (2-7pm)

April 27th       Dunwoody Farmers Market  (9am-12pm)

May 11th       Bizarre Bazaar at Pontoon Brewing (12-6pm)

July 12-14th   BlerdCon 

Aug 2-4th           Otakon TBD

Aug 29th            DragonCon TBD

Aug 31st       Dunwoody Farmers Market  (9am-12pm)

Oct 26th       Dunwoody Farmers Market  (9am-12pm)

Nov 30th       Dunwoody Farmers Market  (9am-12pm)

Dec 12-15th     Anime Weekend Atlanta TBD

Dec 14th       Dunwoody Farmers Market  (9am-12pm)


Atlanta Cosplay Yard Sale '23

Blerdcon '23

Atlanta Comic Con '23

ConNooga '23

Anime Weekend Atlanta '21

Queen City Anime Convention '21



Winter Wanderland 2023 at Avondale Town Green

Dunwoody Farmers Market

East Atlanta Village Art Market

Bizarre Bazaar at The Imperial   

Waller's Coffee Shop 

Cultured South & Best End Brewing  

Bizarre Bazaar at The Beer Growler

L5P Artist Market 

Harmony Park  

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